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Get a Free Mesh Bag for Father’s Day!

For a limited of time, you can get a FREE mesh bag when you purchase selected XS SCUBA branded products. Link to this post!

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The scuba diving cat is back! Now with her BFF!

You might remember I had an earlier post about the scuba diving cat. Here is a video of a more inside look at Hawkeye, along with her buddy, another scuba diving dog!       Link to this post!

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Scuba Diving Careers

Some people say the best jobs in the world are the ones that you love showing up to work for. If scuba diving is your joy, why not pursue a career in it? There are tons of great opportunities, ranging from being an instructor to discovering unseen depths of the ocean. I came across a &hellip Continue reading »

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First the Scuba Chihuahua, now meet the Scuba Diving Cat!

I’ll let this video speak for itself… I can’t decide if I like this or the Scuba Chihuahua better! Link to this post!

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How to NOT Attract a Shark

So you are planning a scuba diving trip but you are scared of encountering sharks. Here is a quick tip for you: sharks are color blind! This means your black jumpsuit will look like a shiny afternoon snack compared to say a red jumpsuit, which the shark might not be able to tell what exactly &hellip Continue reading »

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