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Flashlight Fish

  “The flashlight fish are a family, the Anomalopidae, of beryciform fish. There are some unrelated fish with similar features, some of which are also called flashlight fish. Notable among these are the deep sea lanternfish, of the family Myctophidae, of which there are over 200 species. Flashlight fishes live in tropical waters across the &hellip Continue reading »

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The Firefly Squid

  “Of all the¬†bioluminescent life forms in the deep sea, there is one tiny creature who’s light show puts all others to shame. This is the¬†firefly squid, sometimes called the sparkling enope squid. Known to science as Watasenia scintillans, it is referred to in Japan as “hotaru-ika”. It is a member of the cephalopod family &hellip Continue reading »

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Deep Sea Creatures Vol. 9: The Flashlight Fish

The ocean is the single largest environment in the world. There are thousands of species living deep into the darkness of the ocean, many in which most people have never heard about. Here in our blog, we take you with us deep into the waters to discover some of the more interesting deep sea creatures. &hellip Continue reading »

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