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Escape Reality and Creating New Memories.. the Power of a Dive; The Power of Life.

  This video is something everyone should take a look at with an open mind. Whether you scuba dive or not, this powerful animated short reminds us to live life to the fullest so you have memories to reflect on when you are old and gray. So many precious moments slip out of your mind &hellip Continue reading »

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The Oil Spill After Effects

Last year, the world witnessed a true tragedy to our environment. The BP oil spill tainted mother nature and this human made incident harmed tons of sea life that lives in the waters. More than a year later, the damage is still taking effect.   “The National Wildlife Federation paints a picture of an ocean &hellip Continue reading »

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The Artemis Women’s Life Jacket

  Recognizing the different needs between male and female, the beautiful Artemis BCD was created exclusively with the lady divers in mind. Its adjustment features and special cutting afford excellent support and comfort when compared to a typical non-gender-specific BCD designed for general usage. While underwater or at surface, the Artemis is extremely stable. Its &hellip Continue reading »

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