Must-have Waterproof Socks For Trekking in Snow And Rain

These waterproof socks are made of a 3-film texture. The external shell is 61% Nylon, 32% polyester, and 7% Elastane. The nylon gives it a rich smooth surface.

In any case, the supernatural occurrence is in the in-between layer. It is a 100% polyurethane waterproof and breathable layer that keeps the wetness out.

Also, the internal coating layer is 66% Coolmax, 30% polyester, and 4% Elastane. Coolmax is an advanced wonder texture that is known for its dampness wicking and breathability characteristics.

│How to utilize them on a trip

Put on these socks the day you contact the snow line. Keep them on until you leave the snowline. It can take somewhere in the range of one to three days. Wear these socks at whatever point you are one a day off.

The socks will shield your feet from getting sodden. This drastically changes the manner in which you journey. Regardless of whether your shoes are doused, your feet will remain dry (and that is the reason stay hotter).

Viably, these socks eliminate most odds of chilblains, frostnip or frostbite.

“Having said that, on an incredibly cool morning or day, I would unequivocally prescribe you to wear a couple of customary inward socks, over which you can wear these waterproof socks. This will keep your feet warm and comfortable,” says Arjun Majumdar, the originator of Indiahikes.

│Maintenance of the waterproof socks

Travelers inquire as to whether these socks require any exceptional upkeep. They additionally inquire as to whether the internal waterproof film will lose its strength after some time. The response to both is no.

These socks resemble any normal socks. Wash them simply like you wash any of your different socks. The waterproof layer remains until the life of the socks, which, in the event that you are utilizing just on journey, will last you a lifetime.

│A fascinating backstory – How we discovered waterproof socks

“Every one of these years, we have been attempting to purchase better shoes, show signs of improvement gaiters to keep our feet dry, when we ought to have seen the issue in an alternate manner,” says Arjun Majumdar, the originator of Indiahikes.

In late November 2019, when we were very nearly requesting new gaiters, our Co-Founder Sandhya UC had a revelation. She asked, “For what reason would we say we are seeing gaiters to forestall water/snow from getting into our point of view or socks? Why can\t we take a gander at an alternate method to keep our feet from getting wet? Like socks, maybe?”

“The inquiry hit me like a light,” says Arjun. It changed the whole game-plan. “The arrangement lay in keeping our feet from getting wet. We needed to figure out how to keep them warm and dry. It didn’t make a difference if our shoes got wet.”

What’s more, these waterproof socks are what our adventurers and Trek Leaders have been utilizing all through this frigid winter. They totally vouch for it.

So unexpectedly we have put these socks available to be purchased in our store.

You can utilize these in snow journey right to June. They’ll be particularly valuable for your highest point climb days, or spend crossing days. They are incredible during rainstorm journey just as in your city. They keep your feet spotless and dry even with water sloshing about all over the place.

They’re somewhat on the costly side at Rs 1,600 (comprehensive of delivery). Yet, they’re limitlessly less expensive and more powerful than water-safe shoes.

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