The Firefly Squid

Posted by on 06/13/2011


“Of all the bioluminescent life forms in the deep sea, there is one tiny creature who’s light show puts all others to shame. This is the firefly squid, sometimes called the sparkling enope squid. Known to science as Watasenia scintillans, it is referred to in Japan as “hotaru-ika”. It is a member of the cephalopod family and is related to many other squid species throughout the world’s oceans. The firefly squid gets its name from the flashing lights that resemble those of a firefly. This squid is famous for the incredible light show that occurs each year off the coast of Japan as millions of these tiny animals gather to spawn.”

“The firefly squid is an active predator. It is believed that the squid can use their blue lights to attract prey. By flashing the lights on and off, they can attract small fish and then pounce on them with their powerful tentacles. Firefly squid spend their days at depths of about 1,200 feet (365 meters). At night, they migrate up to the surface to search for food before returning the the darkness below.”



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