Deep Sea Hatchet Fish

Posted by on 06/14/2011

“Named for their shape, these little beauties range from 1-6 inches, are very thin, and have large upward facing eyes that are thought to be used to locate prey above them. They are vertical migrators, meaning that they swim from the depths to upper waters to hunt. Possibly on plankton and small fish.

And what makes these guys so neat? They sport very fashionable ventral (belly) photophores (bioluminescence. ….They glow. I understand they are very hip with the Raver crowd. If anyone even does that anymore.).

It is thought these fish use their bioluminescence to disrupt their silhuettes from predators below them. And considering Deep Sea Hatchet Fish live at depths from 600-4500 ft, whatever lives beneath them would be worth hiding from. Ersh.”



3 Responses to Deep Sea Hatchet Fish

  1. Rowdy

    Never would have thunk I would find this so inisdpensable.

  2. Independence

    I am totally wowed and prpeaerd to take the next step now.

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