Deep Sea Creatures Vol. 3: The Roundbelly Cowfish

Posted by on 03/04/2011

The ocean is the single largest environment in the world. There are thousands of species living deep into the darkness of the ocean, many in which most people have never heard about. Here in our blog, we take you with us deep into the waters to discover some of the more interesting deep sea creatures.

Volume 3: The Roundbelly Cowfish


“The Roundbelly Cowfish has a pair of short horns in front of the eyes, a stout spine on the back, and a pair of spines near the anal fin. As its common name suggests, the belly region of the carapace is rounded.

The species is yellowish to brown with dusky spots and blotches. Juveniles can be recognised by the almost transparent lower portion of the head and body.”


Read more about it here:


Watch it in action here:

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