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The Hydromedusa

Hydromedusa is a turtle genus in the family Chelidae, commonly known as the South American snake-necked turtles. They are quite closely related to the South American side-necked swamp turtles (Acanthochelys) and the snake-necked turtles of the Australian-Melanesian region (Macrochelodina), but less closely to the side-necked river turtles of South America (Podocnemididae) which belong to a &hellip Continue reading »

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The Clown Triggerfish

  This species is a primarily marine species. This fish is found in TropicalIndo-Pacificcoastal waters from 1-75 metres in depth (3-250 ft). This fish is generally uncommon or rare throughout its range, which includes EastAfrica to South Africa, through to Indonesia, and all the way to Japan andNew Caledonia.[1] The clown triggerfish is most commonly found around coral reefs. It lives in &hellip Continue reading »

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Getting Married Underwater!

If you ever had trouble planning your wedding to be “different” than all the other weddings, here is an idea for you:   Yes, this is an official wedding under water! “While many use Valentine’s Day as an annual excuse to splash out on a bunch of roses or a nice dinner, some couples take &hellip Continue reading »

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Deep Sea Creatures Vol. 6: The Jewel Squid

The ocean is the single largest environment in the world. There are thousands of species living deep into the darkness of the ocean, many in which most people have never heard about. Here in our blog, we take you with us deep into the waters to discover some of the more interesting deep sea creatures. &hellip Continue reading »

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The Seavenger Store

  Did you know that Seavenger has a walk-in location here in Southern California?   Sneak Peak:   If you are around the area, make sure you stop by!   The Seavenger Store 20277 Valley Blvd #F Walnut, CA 91789   Link to this post!

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